Album Review: Red Kate and the Bad Ideas’ self-titled 7-inch split

Red Kate/The Bad Ideas
Self-titled 7-inch split
(Mills Record Co.)

Red Kate and the Bad Ideas’ new split single marks the first release by local store Mills Record Co. Each side features two tracks from both groups, each song a brief starburst of joyful fury.

Both bands deliver their interpretation of punk rock skillfully and directly, and there’s plenty to like: driving riffs, fast drums and lots of vaguely melodic screaming. The themes here are far from original; on the Red Kate side, frontman L. Ron Drunkard first sings about longing for a lost lover (“On My Mind”), then following your dreams (“New Dreams”). The Bad Ideas choose a more anarchistic route, with singer Dawn nearly blowing out her vocal cords as she rants about the collapsing of society (“Apocalypse Detroit”) and working for the man (“I’m Stuck”). Punk has always been about the rough edges of imperfection, and these songs are no exception. Buy the vinyl and you can reflect on all that four times in a half-hour.   

Listen to the EP here or buy the physical copy at Mills Record Co.

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