Akin aide calls McCaskill a ‘bullshitsu’

  • Was it a gaffe or a lame joke? Does it really matter?

It’s the campaign that keeps getting stranger. Rep. Todd Akin attracted more controversy and ire this weekend by comparing Sen. Claire McCaskill with a dog who goes to Washington to fetch regulations and higher taxes. That could have simply been a questionable choice of an analogy and a minor blip on the media radar. But today, Akin aide Rick Tyler took the dog comment and ran with it, tweeting, “If Claire McCaskill were a dog, she’d be a “Bullshitsu.” Rim shot!

The AP got Tyler on the horn, and he was unapologetic. “It was a joke. Get it?” he told the AP. On Twitter, Tyler also told his followers that he was joking around. About an hour and a half after his original tweet, Tyler appeared to revel in the minor media notoriety by apologizing to dog owners and posting a photo of a Shih Tzu puppy. Only two more weeks, folks. Two more weeks.

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