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Go Westport, young man: Regarding Walter Klammer’s letter about Jim Grow (January 8): My biggest bitch is the statement of the airport displacement and that there is at least an opportunity for fairness. Bullshit! Local politicians know in advance about definite development and therefore buy up property in advance (through someone else or by speculation investment if bought far enough ahead). I know people that have been through it!

I see both pros and cons on this argument about Westport. But if you want to raise kids, why would you pick an area full of bars, hippie skaters, dope dealers and nightlife? I know a great apartment building on Armour Boulevard; maybe Grow can go fight the war on crack and hookers over there!

I lived in the Westport area for ten years, then moved to the country. (And my kids are grown!)

Name Withheld Upon Request

Moby dick: After reading Casey Logan’s recent piece about (“See Spot Run,” January 15), several things immediately came to mind. First, our military is currently involved in a war that is every bit as important as World War II. Both Hitler and Hussein killed with impunity and acted aggressively toward their neighbors. Obviously Hans Blix and the United Nations didn’t give much credence to the mass graves of Iraqis that our soldiers are discovering with sickening regularity. We shouldn’t be in Iraq? What about House Resolution 4655? You know, the one that was approved by the Senate, the House and by Clinton himself? “It should be the policy of the United States to support efforts to remove the regime headed by Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and to promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime,” according to the Iraq Liberation Act (Public Law 105-338).

Where were Michael Moore, Jack Black, Janeane Garofalo, Al Franken and Moby when that one came out and was signed into law? Surely such a politically savvy panel of experts (part of the panel of judges in MoveOn’s little contest) paid attention to the Congressional Record, didn’t they?

Moby … wow. Would you really ask yourself, if unsure of who to vote for, “What would Moby do”?

Scott Spillman

Kansas City, Missouri

Bush whacked: Mr. Cuenca bases his ad on what he calls “two facts”: that President Bush lied about the reasons for the Iraq invasion and that it resulted in the deaths of American soldiers. I need to point out that Cuenca’s initial observation is incorrect. Any dictionary in print today will define a lie as a falsehood uttered with the intent to deceive. The president was basing his decision on information provided not only by our intelligence services but by British, French and UN sources as well. Since everyone agreed that Hussein had WMDs, no deception was needed to justify a response. The president was simply stating what everyone believed to be true at the time. (As a side note, President Clinton was so convinced that Hussein had WMDs that he launched Operation Desert Fox in 1998 based on the same data.)

The fact that no WMDs have been found yet is beside the point. A statement made that later proves to be false is not a lie unless an intent to deceive is present, so unless Cuenca has inside information about President Bush’s inner thoughts and intentions, he cannot state as fact that “Bush lied.”

He is absolutely correct about the second part, however: American soldiers have died in the line of duty, and I am glad to see that his concern for their families is as strong as it is.

There is plenty of factual material about the president’s policies that can use in its political advertisements without pushing the mistaken accusation that “Bush lied” about Iraq.

Connor Buchanan

Kansas City, Missouri

BASE instincts: Kendrick Blackwood’s “Terminal Ferocity” (January 15) was the most interesting article I have read in a long time. I go to college part-time and work downtown. I work at an auto shop and drive around the KC buildings daily, and I had wondered if BASE jumping ever happened in KC. I have dropped parking garages and easy-access buildings by rappelling, rope and harness, but you have to go get the rope at the top when you are done. BASE looks like so much fun! Thanks for printing it!

Matt Tyson


Martyr don: Regarding Charles Gray’s “Ambition Az” (January 15): Though I perceive that Gray’s article is intended to convey satire, and the parallels of societies’ martyrs is intriguing, judging from his implied religious beliefs, Tupac himself would surely have found this article blasphemous.
Drew Knudson

Kansas City, Missouri