OK, OK, we get it: Afroman is a one-hit wonder. When your mom starts to laugh at your music jokes, it’s not cool anymore, and we won’t waste ink and paper trashing 2001’s overplayed hit single “Because I Got High.” What separates Afroman, aka Joseph Foreman, from the Quad City DJs and Tag Teams of the world is a work ethic that rivals the most DIY punk act. From selling demo tapes in his junior high years to building a rabid fanbase during the heyday of Napster, Afroman puts other Dirty South rappers to shame, in quantity if nothing else. Crunk juice might be this week’s drink special, but even Lil Jon can’t compete with four album releases — including a Christmas disc and a completely self-produced, self-recorded and self-written full-length — in 2004 alone. Afroman is so motivated, it kind of makes you wonder if he’s just making up all that stuff about smoking pot.

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