Adult Swim Block Party at the Phoggy Dog, April 19

Once again, Adult Swim is bringing a carnival of entertainment to the area. Last year, it was Robot Chicken On Wheels, this year it’s a block party.

The Adult Swim Block Party brings games and prizes, free t-shirts, and the promise of “possible clown.” That last bit is actually a bit of a turn-off, but it’s more than mitigated by the additional greatness that is a performance from the Whigs.

The tour hits the parking lot of the Phoggy Dog in Lawrence on Monday, April 19. For those attempting to find it, it’s one of the bars next to long-time Lawrence Chinese food institution Peking Taste. A warning to all planning to attend, however: the show is right around the corner from Cici’s Pizza, the same night as their ridiculously cheap buffet deal. Good luck finding a parking spot.

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