Actually, it’s good that we didn’t win. KC is always better as the underdogs.

A modest proposal of why we're superior in our identity as a phoenix from the ashes.
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Just having a normal time. // Photo by Martin Reisch

Really, Kansas City, what were we doing talking about dynasty?

We are not a town whose sports teams are destined for dynasty, or even long periods of prosperity. Dynasty is not in our DNA.  

Our destiny is collective suffering. It is wild mood swings—soaring hopes and trampled dreams. It is brief, euphoric highs and gut punch-induced gloom.

It is Patrick Mahomes connecting with Tyreek Hill on a pass that will change the trajectory of a Super Bowl—last year.

It is Mahomes scrambling and throwing desperation passes that his receivers won’t hang onto—this year. It is penalties, missed tackles, dropped passes, and the smirking faces of opponents.

It is the Kansas City Royals pulling this city’s great love and hunger for winning baseball into a charismatic team that would give us two great seasons, 2014 and 2015, and then fading away into that deadening spiral of bad trades and losing seasons. The last spiral, the one following the 1985 World Series, went on for 30 years.

How would we even cope with dynasty? Winning is great. Winning is fun. But too much winning changes our story, changes who we are. If the Chiefs had won last night, we would no longer be that hard luck, hardscrabble city persevering through all sorts of humiliation and disappointment. That is our identity, not the arrogant, cocksure posture of a dynasty in the making. 

All is not as glum as it seems on this morning after, when the “feels like” temperature is below zero, the Chiefs players are limping back home, the city remains in a semi-lockdown and, worst of all, a 5-year-old girl is fighting to survive after being injured in a car wreck involving a Chiefs assistant coach. There are still hopeful notions on the horizon.

There will be another season.

Mahomes will return and the Chiefs will be good. Likely very, very good.

They will make a playoff run. They may even appear in another Super Bowl.

And Kansas City can enjoy the familiar high of a phoenix rising from the ashes. That is the cycle we are used to—ruin and rebirth; collapse and resurrection.

Not dynasty. Let’s not even breathe the word again.

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