It’s a pretty intriguing idea, really: Bring together members of some of the best local acts around this part of the Midwest, strip away their electric instruments, throw them onto the same bill and see what happens. The brainchild of local guitarist-keyboardist Tyson Leslie — a ten-year veteran of the Kansas City scene with such groups as Karma, the Baloney Ponyz and his current full-time gig, PomeroyAcoustica will feature nearly seven hours of unplugged entertainment. Omaha-based rock trio Grasshopper Takeover and KC’s own Anything But Joey will be featured in the prime-time slots, and members of Pomeroy, Boomstick, 20/20 and Moaning Lisa (along with a handful of other artists) round out the bill. Most of the acts won’t have time for more than a song or two, but for anyone looking for a crash course on the local pop-rock scene, this show looks like the place to be.

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