About that penis-shaped Florida firing …

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The Shawnee Mission School District says notorious artist of phallic Florida and ex-teacher Ryan Haraughty isn’t offering a full disclosure on the reason he was axed.

The district issued a long-winded statement about taking education seriously and taking appropriate action and how this wasn’t a personality conflict between Mr. H and the principal and lots of blah, blah, blah.

But this part was rather intriguing:

“Mr. Haraughty has communicated to students, parents and the media that the decision to terminate him was based on one specific incident. The termination of Mr. Haraughty’s contract was not based on one incident. The decision was based on numerous incidents over an extended period of time. Mr. Haraughty has failed to communicate this in his statements to parents, students, and the media. We are sorry that we can’t get more specific regarding the incidents but the school district wants to be clear that what has been communicated by Mr. Haraughty is not a true representation of his situation.

Say it isn’t so, Mr. Haraughty.

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