A Timeless Hobby

For she who finds value in the fact that fads are temporary and is thereby imparted with a great sense of superiority for possessing timely knowledge of the novelest novelty’s emergence, the knitting trend is an unappreciated anomaly. Debbie Stoller’s Stitch ’N Bitch handbook came out in 2003, for crying out loud. That was, like, a pop-culture lifetime ago.
But yarn enthusiasts believe the benefits (it’s “creative” and “relieves stress”) outweigh the importance of fashion’s transience. “I’ve always found it very therapeutic and satisfying,” says Elinor Brown of Knit Lawrence, a group that takes over the back table at Milton’s (920 Massachusetts in Lawrence, 785-832-2330) every second and fourth Saturday of the month. “It’s also quite addicting, which probably contributes to its continued popularity.”
The members span four decades in age and are trying to create a cohesive Lawrence knitting community. Join ’em today at 3:30; see www.knitlawrence.org for more information and resources for patterns, books and supply stores in Lawrence and Kansas City.

Second and Fourth Saturday of every month, 3:30 p.m., 2007