A Saturday ’80s rewind at Liberty Hall proved the heart of rock ‘n’ roll is still beating

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MYSTIFY. // photo credit Lauren Textor

After a long week of workin’ for a livin’, locals filled the tables at Liberty Hall for an ’80s rewind. Hip 2B Huey, a Huey Lewis and the News tribute band, opened for MYSTIFY, which honors Australian rockers INXS. Though the venue didn’t quite make it to standing room only, both the crowd and the bands were in good spirits. At $20 each, half of all ticket sales will benefit the Ukrainian Red Cross, ensuring that my trip to Lawrence wasn’t in vain.

Hip 2B Huey and MYSTIFY brought a terrific energy that makes them more fun to watch than some touring artists (*cough* REO Speedwagon *cough*).

H2BH frontman Jeff Zarcone wore a red suit with a black t-shirt beneath, mimicking one iconic outfit of Lewis himself. He asked the crowd, “In all the chaos and all the things going on today, do you believe in love?”

The response was hoots, hollers, and “Hell yeah!”

Bassist Aaron Riffel enjoyed a similarly warm reception from his hometown but played it cool, as did Lonnie Floyd on drums. Dan David doubled on saxophone for both bands, delivering palpable energy that drove the crowd to the front of the room to dance.

Couples swayed in tandem to “By My Side” and then headbanged to “Guns in the Sky.”

The conclusion is inevitable: the heart of rock and roll is still beating.


Hip 2B Huey

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