A metro-centric and totally local holiday gift guide that covers all your bases

As we are steeped in the unknown that continues to be 2020, one thing we do have control over is where we spend our dollar. The pandemic has taught us the impact of our choices and actions and shown us the importance of considering those around us. Buying a gift or two for someone on your list from a local business is just one way you can support our local community safely. This gift-giving guide certainly does not include every local business, but The Pitch has compiled a list to jumpstart your brainstorming process this holiday season.


This is the person in your life who appreciates a good meal. Never shies away from ordering another appetizer or wrapping up the evening with some dessert. Savors another glass of wine, even after the plates have been cleared. Loves an excuse to go out instead of trudging through a recipe in their own kitchen. Any meal can be a celebration with them around. The person in mind may have their own KC favorite, and there are many local restaurants to choose from. Here are just a couple ideas for gift cards to cover their next meal.

American Stockyard Bbq Sauces

BBQ sauce. // Photo courtesy of Spicin Foods

Spicin’ Foods | spicinfoods.com | 111 Southwest Blvd. KC, KS 66103

If you’ve watched Hot Ones interviews on YouTube with Sean Evans, you’re probably familiar with Da’Bomb hot sauce. It’s made and available for purchase right here in KC, along with salsa, Bloody Mary mix, BBQ sauce, and other other hot sauces for the person in your life who thinks the spicier, the better. [Editor’s note: Da’Bomb made me hurt so badly on my insides, I had to take a nap for three hours. Highest recommendation.]

Heirloom 1

Heirloom Bakery & Hearth. // Photo by Kaley Kocinski

Heirloom Bakery & Hearth | heirloomkc.com | 401 E. 63rd St. KC, MO 64110

What’s not to love? Seasonal recipes, fresh produce provided by local vendors, family friendly environment, and a honey almond lavender cold brew? Sold.

Mcclains 3

McClain’s Bakery gift card. // Photo courtesy of McClain’s

McLain’s Bakery | mclainskc.com | 201 E Gregory Blvd. KC, MO 64114 (multiple locations)

McLain’s will meet whatever mood you’re in, whether it’s an iced oat milk latte, an order of cinnamon rolls to bring to a friend, or a breakfast burrito on the weekend.  

Pirates Bone 2

Pirate’s Bone Burgers. // Photo by Kelly Jean

Pirate’s Bone | piratesboneburgers.com | 2000 Main St. KC, MO 64108

It can be tough to find a satisfying burger when eating out as a vegetarian (or vegan), and Pirate’s Bone rises to the challenge—with a 100 percent plant-based menu. 

Gates BBQ | gatesbbq.com | 1325 Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd. KC, MO 64110

Nothing beats solid Kansas City BBQ. This is as solid as it gets.

Boru Kimchi Fries (6)

Boru kimchi fries. // Photo courtesy of Boru.

Bōru Asian Eatery | borukc.com | 500 W. 75th St. KC, MO 64114 

Bōru Asian Eatery (formerly known as Bōru Ramen) reopened in October with new menu offerings, along with a couple options for their familiar, flavorful ramen.


This is for the friend who maybe took on a renovation or redesign project (or two) over the course of the pandemic. Perhaps you know someone who recently moved or even wants to make their space a bit cozier as we transition into colder weather.

Blvd 4

ColorbloKC. // Photo courtesy of ColorbloKC

colorbloKC | colorblokc.com

These prints, made by Jess Macy, would be a beautiful addition to any space and could be the first frame hung for a personal gallery wall. Each print carries a vintage feel, with its color palette of soft oranges, pinks, and mustard yellow—all inspired by nature, self-care, and human connection.   

HammerPress | hammerpress.net | 1413 W. 11th Street KC, MO 64101

Not only can you find unique art prints at Hammerpress that are sure to add some personality and color to your living space, but they also have stationery, letterpress cards, and a curated selection of desk supplies. It’s a gift for that someone who finds comfort in getting the perfect journal, fresh pens, or loves mailing out a handwritten note every once in a while.  

Shot With Nomo Toy F.

Archival Designs shuttlecock mug. // Photo by Kelcie McKenney

Archival Designs | archivaldesignskc.com | 805 E. 31st St. KC, MO 64109

Archival Designs started in 2001 with husband and wife duo, Jake and Julie Bond. Their vases, garlic graters, one-of-a-kind mugs, serving bowls, and more are each handmade and would make a beautiful addition to any home.


This person has an iced coffee or travel mug or water bottle practically glued to their hand any day, any time. Or perhaps sits down to work from home with at least three different beverages resting on coasters next to them. Why not contribute to their daily ritual? 

Ruby Jeans 2

Ruby Jean’s Juicery. // Photo by Curtis Brown

Ruby Jean’s | rubyjeansjuicery.com | 3000 Troost Ave., KC, MO 64109 

Ruby Jean’s, named after owner and CEO Chris Goode’s grandmother, has healthy and fresh options, like juice, smoothies, and performance shakes. 

Wild Way 3

Wild Way Coffee wearable merch. // Photo by Christine Clutton.

Wild Way Coffee | thewildwaycoffee.com | 708 E. 19th St. KC, MO 64108

This coffee camper, started by husband and wife duo Christine and Jon Clutton, served its first beverage April 2018 at the corner of 31st and Gillham. Now, you can find them serving lattes or cold brew parked at the Wild Way Warehouse in the Crossroads, the Overland Park Farmers Market, or parked around town.

Cafe Ca Phe 1

Cafe Cà Phê mug. // Photo by Noah Ursy

Cafe Cà Phê | cafecaphe.com 

Cafe Cà Phê is Kansas City’s first Vietnamese mobile coffee shop, opened at the end of October by Jackie Nguyen. You’ll find them parked outside Firebrand collective most days.


Cafe Equinox at Family Tree Nursery. // Photo by Kelby Reck.

Cafe Equinox | cafeequinox.com | 7036 Nieman Rd. Shawnee, KS 66203

In the midst of an almost-always-gray winter, Cafe Equinox offers a welcome reminder that spring is indeed coming. Get your caffeine-fix while surrounded by dozens of plants and greenery.

Equal Minded Cafe | equalmindedcafe.com | 4327 Troost Ave. KC, MO 64110

It’s not only a space to relax and drink a cup of coffee or pick up lunch, but a business that gives back to its community through active involvement, like serving free coffee and hot chocolate at a local voter registration and hiring event.  


There seems to be that one person that cannot have enough house plants. And by enough, we mean essentially building their own personal indoor garden, with plants covering more surface area than furniture. Here are some ways to contribute to their plant obsession. 

Paradise Garden Club Pitch 20200110 52

Paradise Garden Club. // Photo by Zach Bauman.

Paradise Garden Club | paradisegardenclub.online | 1621 Locust St., KC, MO 64108 

The peach building, neon signage, and natural light filling the interior does create its own tiny slice of paradise among downtown Kansas City. Along with a great variety of plants, including cacti and houseplants big and small, their bags of potting soil (either Amended blend, for indoor plants and gardening, or Cactus blend) are the perfect size to repot plants without investing in a gigantic bag. You can also bring the bag back for $5 refills—sustainability! 

Virgil’s Plant Shop | virgilsplantshop.com | 2711 Troost Ave. KC, MO 64109 

You may find the perfect plant at either their brick and mortar location or around town in their converted miniature school bus that became Kansas City’s “first mobile houseplant oasis.” 

Jungle House | junglehousegoods.com | 924 Delaware St. Lawrence, KS 66044

Shop for a new plant either outdoors on their Lawrence store patio or online with options for delivery or curbside pick-up. 

Foxtrot Supply Co Pitch 20200114 133

High & Dry Cactus Co. at Foxtrot Supply Co. // Photo by Zach Bauman

High & Dry Cactus Co. | highanddrycactus.co | (showroom visits available by appointment)

Bring the natural beauty of the desert home, without leaving the Midwest. 


In addition to the artists and makers listed below, you can find even more during the Strawberry Swing Holiday Market. It’s an open-air market that lasts each weekend until Dec. 20. Due to COVID-19, they’ve limited the amount of guests that can visit per hour, so plan ahead and purchase tickets at thestrawberryswing.com.  

Contemporary Designs 1

Cow mask from Corntemporary Designs. // Photo by Riley Cowing

Corntemporary Designs | @corntemporarydesigns | etsy.com/shop/corntemporarydesigns 

What began as a blind contour drawing of the Mona Lisa with her brother, became the charming trademark of Erin Mcanany’s art. Available to browse on Instagram or her Etsy page, tote bags and thrifted t-shirts have that Mona Lisa sewn on them—adding some corny flair full of personality. 

Hot Tub Crochet Machine | @hot.tub.crochet.machine (Instagram)

Adrienne Bandy started crocheting as a hobby and hasn’t been able to stop since. She can make practically anything from yarn. Seriously. 

Designs by Bru | @designsbybru (Instagram)

Bruna Guidetto Abdo started Designs by Bru during quarantine, selling acid wash, shibori, and tie dye garments. Along with Instagram, spot her in person at different socially distanced pop-ups. 

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Earrings from Whiskey and Bone. // Photo by Samantha Levi

Whiskey and Bone | whiskeyandbone.com 

Whiskey and Bone offers a mix of modern bohemian with rock ‘n roll vies in their statement necklaces, bracelets, and earrings—all made by artist Tarrah Anderson.

R1 02387 020a

Handmade jewelry and accessories from MackBecks, mask by Paulina Otero. // Photo by Ari Bonner. Modeled by Bianca Fields. MUA Shelby Loos of Helm.

MackBecks | mackbecks.com 

Playful jewelry by Mackenzie Becker, a self-taught metalsmith. Here you’ll find rings that wrap around your finger like a miniature hug, a necklace with desert-themed charms (like a crescent moon and cactus), carrot dangling earrings, and so much more.  


There’s a high chance we’ve been guilty of this…or know someone who has…collecting stacks of new books to read while a small stack of them rest, untouched, on a nightstand, or on a desk or coffee table. But hey, it never hurts to have more new reads on hand. 

Screen Shot 2019 12 10 At 4.11.34 Pm 1024x652

Wise Blood Books. // Photo by Zach Bauman.

Wise Blood Booksellers | wisebloodbooksellers.com | 300 Westport Rd. KC, MO 64111

Wise Blood was born from a small selection of books sold at Mills Record Company, owned by Judy Mills, and a love of reading. They celebrated one year of business this November. 

Rainy Day Books | rainydaybooks.com | 2706 W. 53rd St. Fairway, KS 66205

Browse their website for whatever title is on someone’s wishlist and have it delivered to your home or take advantage of curbside pickup on Saturdays from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. 

Half Price Books | hpb.com | 1002 Westport Rd. KC, MO 64111 (multiple locations)

Half Price has bookshelves extending from floor to ceiling with a mix of used, loved, and brand new titles as well as puzzles, records, journals, and postcards. Plenty to choose from! 

Prospero’s Books | prosperosbookstore.com | 1800 W. 39th St. KC, MO 64111

Prospero’s, co-owned and operated by Tom Wayne and Will Leathem, is a used, independent bookstore. It was established in 1997, in a historic building from 1890 that was previously home to a grocery store and then a hardware store. 


I mean… do what you were asked.

Perfect Scents | perfectscentskc.com | 5010 Main St. KC, MO 64112 

Perfect Scents has been offering thoughtfully curated, genuine gifts that are perfect for others (and perhaps also to treat yourself) for 30 years. Among dozens of different essential oil blends and perfumes, they have a Headache and Stress essential oil blend that is nothing short of magic (and perfect for all 2020-related stress we’re experiencing).

Wandering Bud 2

GIVE IT: Smoke-themed ceramics from Wandering Bud. // Photo by Lauren Pusiteri. Styling by Shelby Page. Retouched by High Heart Creative.

Wandering Bud | 4446 Troost Ave. KC, MO 64110

Smoke-themed gifts that are ceramic, handmade, colorful, and so beautiful you’ll want to display on your coffee table or bookshelf. 

Fetch | fetchkcmo.com | 1101 Mulberry St. KC, MO 64101

Vintage, modern, cool. Trust us. 

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