A love story by Brandon Phillips

RocknRollDating.com is like Match.com for people who don’t want to sift through all the cubicle stiffs in the quest for a real, live rocker boy or girl. Now, I’m pretty sure Architects frontman did not meet his wife through the Web site, but the story of their engagement does appear there. In a March 1 entry to RocknRollDating.com’s Dates from Hell blog, Phillips relays the the tale of how he officially secured his woman’s heart. The story is classic Phillips — long-winded, hilarious and slightly exaggerated. Here’s a snippet: “The night of the Tom Petty concert arrived and I raced home home from work to get cleaned up (as I would surely be getting more pussy tonight that any man had ever gotten) and go over the last minute details including trying to remember where I had hidden the ring. I sat on the couch and chainsmoked, while waiting for Babymamma to come home from work. My jeans were tight and the ring box made a huge denim blister on my upper thigh. Would she notice?? Would she??” (For the record, the Phillipses have no babies — so don’t go spreading untrue gossip. Babymamma is just a pet name.)

The headline of the blog identifies Phillips as a “super genius.” The tone of the story makes that seem sarcastic, but it’s actually kinda true. Fun fact: The KC rocker recently passed the MENSA exam. Here’s another fun fact: the Architects are playing back to back nights at the Czar Bar on April 24 and 25. Those two shows will probably be the band’s last at home before heading out for a full summer of Warped Tour. And wouldn’t you rather see Phillips and co. rocking out at a bar than under the burning sun?

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