A Little Inn and Out: Can Janet Byers swing an adult bed and breakfast in Parkville?


The restored two-story home sits atop a steep hill, giving way to a postcard – worthy view of the charming downtown shops and stately university buildings below. But lately the serene spot has triggered not calm but shock, curiosity and, sometimes, delight.

Jaws first fell open in March. That’s when the website for the new Parkville bed-and-breakfast became the talk of this town of 6,000. Photos of naughty nurses, vibrating paddles and candy panties dominated. The bedroom treats, the site said, were for sale in the gift shop of the Romantic Getaway Today Inn.

The inn’s owner, Janet Byers, says it wasn’t long before city officials were telling her that in order to sell the items pictured on her site, she would need an adult-business license – something no Parkville business holds. She toned things down, but the Romantic Getaway Today Inn, which Byers markets as an adult playground, is still far from your traditional B&B.

The property, called the Porch Swing Inn in its last incarnation (a B&B that operated for about a decade), features a sex swing, an enormous beanbag known as a sex ship, a sex stool with what’s called a “love mask,” video cameras, racy board games, DVDs, books and much more.

The timing of events suggests that the city made an extra effort to restrain Byers’ new business. The first week of March, around the time that the inn’s website hit, the Board of Aldermen added six months to an existing moratorium against licensing businesses that sell sexually explicit material – the adult-business license that the city told Byers she would need.

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