A Green Bay Packers fan chilled with a cat at Arrowhead Stadium Sunday afternoon

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If we can take one thing away from Sunday’s Chiefs’ victory over the Oakland Raiders, it’s that this is one chill cat.

Max Chilen (aka donehavinfun on Instagram) snapped this photo of a Green Bay Packers fan holding a cat during the game at Arrowhead Stadium — you know, the loudest stadium in pro football.

So what’s the story?

Arrowhead Pride tried to get to the bottom of it, asking Chilen what he knew.

And here’s what Yahoo Sports’ Jay Busbee found out.

We’ve heard from a fan at the stadium: “I talked to the guy at the game. He said he brought it in under his jacket he was wearing. Like most stadiums when it’s cold out, they aren’t patting you down and strip-searching you. People routinely sneak alcohol, and many other things, in undetected.” So there you have it. Heck of a gamble by the cat owner, but good news for the cat, which of course wouldn’t show up in a metal detector.

Maybe this kitty be the catalyst for a Chiefs playoff run, which starts Saturday against the Houston Texans. Game time is 3:20 p.m.

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