A glimpse into war-time journalism from students in Baghdad

It’s a rare journalist who doesn’t fear for her job these days. We’ve all had co-workers and media colleagues join the ranks of the unemployed in the past year. But the relentless and depressing reports about the demise of American journalism were put in startling perspective early Sunday morning during a discussion about Iraqi and U.S. media at the University of Kansas.

On this side of the Atlantic, seven college students from Missouri and Kansas universities lined a table at the Dole Institute of Politics. Thousands of miles away in Iraq, 10 panelists from the University of Baghdad sat in a cluster flanked by men in U.S. military garb. Sure, the kids studying journalism at KU face a tough job market when they graduate. But this hour-long video link was a stark education about a media landscape where warlords act as editors and stories can get you killed. 

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