A Fancy-Schmancy Way to Store Those Beatles Resissues

Like Tommy Lee Jones said in Men In Black, “guess I’ll have to buy the White Album again…”

In anticipation of the September 2009 release of The Beatles‘ digitally re-mastered catalog, The Beatles Box Of Vision is now available for pre-order for late August delivery, and will be available at select retailers this fall. Officially licensed by Apple Corps Ltd., the stunning collection includes:

* A 200-page LP-size book containing all of The Beatles’ LP artwork, brilliantly restored in pristine new art prints. This is the first time that all of The Beatles UK and US album artwork has been collected together in a single LP sized book. From Please Please Me and Meet the Beatles through Love, this book includes front covers, back covers, gatefolds, inserts, and the complete LP booklets, arranged to create the feeling of holding and enjoying the entire LP collection in your lap.

* The “Catalography,” a brand new, full color discography guide with photos, text and track-listings, providing the first-ever side-by-side presentation of the UK albums and their US counterparts, with an exclusive essay by Beatles author and historian Bruce Spizer.

* The BoxOfVision storage book, a unique and elegant way for fans to organize and display all 32 discs of The Beatles’ core catalog. Fans may insert CDs and booklets from their existing collections or the new digitally re-mastered versions-the BoxOfVision was built to store and display the digi-pak boxes that will house the newly re-mastered CDs.

Seriously, kids. You’re paying eighty goddamn dollars for something that is, essentially, a box to hold your CDs. The press release goes on to spout some BS regarding how difficult it is to store CDs, disregarding the fact that it’s relatively easy to fit your CDs on a rack, and might be slightly annoying to have to store all your Beatles discs over on the bookshelf. I wouldn’t be so upset, but this isn’t exactly a fresh idea. Kevin Smith sold an empty box, too. At least with this, you get some artwork.

This is the last gasp of CDs, though. They’re doing it right – totally remastered, and every album available, but this is the last time anybody’s going to go ape and buy CDs. The format’s dying, people are moving to either all-digital, or a digital / analog combo, where they buy vinyl if they want it in a tangible form.

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