96.5 the Buzz loses $1 million lawsuit to Olathe woman, decides to raise $1 million for Hope House

In April 2012, radio hosts Afentra and Danny Boi, of the morning program “Afentra’s Big Fat Morning Buzz” on 96.5 the Buzz, went on the air and incorrectly named a local Olathe woman, Ashley Patton, as a porn star. It was a mistake – the [person who texted the tip meant local porn star Ashley Payton – but Patton’s name was listed on the station’s website along with a link to the broadcast. She sued the station and its parent company, Entercom.

On Friday, a federal court jury gave a decision in favor of Patton, and awarded her $1 million ($250,000 in actual damages, $750,000 in punitive damages). Afentra and Danny Boi returned to their program this morning after being off the air for most of last week. Yes, they still have their jobs, in case anyone was worried. In fact, as supporters and fans of the hosts started offering to raise the $1 million – which the hosts couldn’t legally accept – the idea was hatched to raise that amount for a different cause: a donation to local domestic-abuse shelter Hope House. 

“I screwed up, and I feel horrible about everything that happened after that,” Danny Boi told KCTV Channel 5 on Sunday. “At the end of the day, if we can do something good for all the negativity that’s surrounded this, then it’s a win.” 

Five thousand dollars has been raised so far for Hope House, and the fund drive continues until March 2015. You can learn more about donating here

To hear the interview from Channel 5, go here

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