’90s Nostalgia

It’s inevitable — after bringing back leggings and new wave, the resurgence of ’80s style is finally starting to give way to the return of the ’90s. That’s right — it’s (almost) OK now to think of scrunchies and grunge rock as retro cool, thanks to the 20-year cycle of fashion. Whoever sports the most impressive ’90s ensemble tonight at Reach’s I Love the ’90s Party at the Record Bar (1020 Westport Road, 816-753-5207) wins a $30 bar tab. So break out the flannel, the hypercolor and the neon Doc Martens that you haven’t worn since ’95. DJs Ataxic and Barbaric Merits will lead revelers down memory lane with Pearl Jam and Nirvana songs, slow jams by Boyz II Men, sex jams from Prince (that was his name through some of the ’90s, right?) and more. Women get in free before 10 p.m.

Sat., May 2, 2009

Categories: Music