26 Days of Glossy Nostalgia: B is for…

Back in the ’90s, traveling burlesque troupes had not yet refined their understandings of what audiences wanted from a retro-vaudeville performance. (Today’s burlesque troupes haven’t, either, which is that audiences don’t want them, period.)

This explains the bricolage approach of The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, today’s entry in a series featuring old photos from the Pitch music archives that will keep going until someone comes and takes eight boxes of worthless old promo photos off my damn hands.

As I was saying, the Bindlestiffers didn’t know what the fuck to do with their act, so they threw it all in. You got the Confused Toby Keith Flautist, the Worlds-Smallest-Sword-Swallowing Joseph Fiennes Lookalike, the Poor-Alt-Girl’s Scarlett Johannson, the Obligatory Bettie Page Haircut in Sequin Shorts, the Guy With a What Is That Is That A Toaster? on His Head, and the Big Italian Guy in a Latex Bunny Suit. Oh, Bindlestiff Family, your time was short, but you burned with a hard, gem-like flame.

Thousands of wonderful photos like this are taking up space in my office that my boss requires for other purposes. Please come get them. E-mail me to make an offer to pick them up for free.

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