25 Ta Life

With song titles such as “Positive Hardcore, Go,” 25 Ta Life has something to say about the state of the mosh pit. Since the release of 1999’s seminal Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment, the band has furthered its mission of unifying the hardcore scene under a positive banner, spreading a message of working-class progressivism rather than fueling the mindsets of militant, straight-edge meatheads. That doesn’t mean there isn’t the possibility of getting injured by a flying body at a 25 Ta Life show, but hey, that’s hardcore, and at least this band is not going to preach about changing your lifestyle for a scene. VFW Halls like the one hosting this show were tour-circuit mainstays in the early days of hardcore, and this one was visited by bands such as Minor Threat, Husker Du, Earth Crisis, and Snapcase. This show will feature no promotion companies, just one man, local promoter Ryan Leach. His now-defunct KC metalcore band, Silence Broken, may make an appearance as well. For more info on the show, call 816-547-6784.

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