2021’s KC Record Store Day guide to hot wax

Annie Theby Excegbyolpy Unsplash

Photo by Annie Theby

Record Store Day is upon us once again and we couldn’t be happier. COVID-19 restrictions are disappearing with every vaccine shot in the arm, so you’ll be able to shop for those one-day-only exclusives in person. Stop by record stores June 12 and take a look at the variety of different records to choose from. With the sheer number of different genres, artists, and styles, we doubt there won’t be something to add to your collection.

Just remember, once they’re gone, they’re gone. [Editor’s note: Unless you’re willing to pay quadruple prices to resellers online in a few months. Sigh.]

The Kansas City stores participating are: Records With Merritt (1614 Westport Rd.), 7th Heaven/The Vinyl Underground (7621 Troost Ave.), Josey Records (1814 Oak St.), Mills Record Company (4045 Broadway Blvd.), and Revolution Records (1830 Locust St.). All stores open at 7 a.m. except Revolution Records, which opens at noon.

Don’t forget to give some love to the suburban record stores, Brothers Music KC (5812 Johnson Drive Mission, KS) and Vinyl Renaissance & Audio (7932 Santa Fe Dr, Overland Park, KS), that are celebrating Record Store Day as well. If you’re really into it, head to Love Garden Sounds (822 Massachusetts Ave Lawrence, KS) to score some great deals and see their store cat.

And don’t worry! If you can’t make it to Record Store Day June 12, another will be happening on July 17. But we’d suggest you just go to both. You don’t want to miss any once-in-a-lifetime records, do ya?

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