12-year-old girl denies trying to stick an umbrella in boy’s butt

Last week, a male student at Milton Moore Elementary School claimed two girls pulled his pants down on a school bus and tried to stick the end of an umbrella in his butt.

Now, one of the 12-year-old girls is telling her story to KCTV-5. She says the boy was calling her names, so she grabbed a friend’s umbrella and started beating him with it. Quite the proportional response.

 So where did these allegations of rape and sexual assault come from? The girl explains:

“Somebody yelled, ‘it looks like he’s getting raped,’ cuz I was hitting him with it.”

Huh? That’s quite a leap.

The boy’s mother isn’t buying it.


told me the little girl, along with more students, pulled him to the

back after the bus pulled off from school, and they held his arms down

on the seat of the bus, and the girl said, ‘Today you’re getting

raped,'” the boy’s mother said.

This whole situation is messed up and sad.

(photo courtesy of Piotrus/Wiki Commons)

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