12-year-old boy claims girls tried to stick the end of an umbrella in his butt

The mother of a 12-year-old boy alleges that her son was sexually assaulted on a school bus, and the driver didn’t do anything to help her son.

KSHB Channel 41 reports that a male student a Milton Moore Elementary School was riding the bus home from school when two female students held the boy down in a bus seat, pulled the boy’s pants down and tried to stick the end of an umbrella in the boy’s butt.

Here’s what the boy’s mother, Lisa Drone, told KSHB:

“(My son) said he was hollering and couldn’t understand why the bus driver didn’t stop anything.”


he got away, he said he tried to throw the metal object out the window

and I guess the kids got it away from him and began to hit and spit on


The police and school district officials are investigating, but until their investigations conclude, the suspects remain in school and the bus driver is still on the job.

The news of this alleged sexual assault comes just days after a 10-year-old claimed that she was raped by

another student in a classroom at George Washington Carver Elementary School.

(photo courtesy of Piotrus/Wiki Commons)

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