There was a time when every little girl wanted the same thing for Christmas: Usher. His late-’90s hit “Nice & Slow” proved that he’s a triple threat: an expert singer, dancer and dry-humper. Usher’s libido translated easily into his hallmark erotic storytelling. He crooned hit after hit about every romantic situation that a baby-faced young man could find himself in — including a whole ballad about lying about wearing a condom (“That’s What It’s Made For”). Somehow, we forgave him. After all, moral codes always become a little shaky when Usher removes his shirt. Now 32, the king of R&B hasn’t slowed his roll. Usher still bumps everything up to the next notch of sexiness, and he especially puts out live. Expect pyrotechnics and gratuitous pant dropping at his OMG Tour stop at Sprint Center (which also features Trey Songz). This is your chance to pay homage to the greatest sex raconteur of our time. Ladies, it looks like Christmas is coming early this year.

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