Tione Jackson, Other Americans, Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear, and more of this month’s best local music videos

Be it the punch of AJA & Shilow’s “Mama Chola” (featuring Amira Wang), the woozy indie R&B of Tione Jackson’s “Nocturnal,” or the Italo disco banger that is Umberto’s “Exit,” there’s something for everyone’s groove thing in this month’s Cine Local. Enjoy.

AJA & Shilow, “Mama Chola” feat. Amira Wang

This is like watching Midsommar after mainlining a whole lot of drugs. Intense, scary (there’s an abundance of machetes), and a beat that could knock down a wall. Damn.

Other Americans, “Neon Sunrise” 

The new EP from dance-pop rockers Other Americans, OA2, is out now, and the first track on the EP is also the band’s first video. “Neon Sunrise” is dreamy and blissful, like a pumped-up Electric Youth, and the video’s no different. Directed by Todd Norris and Mitch Brian, the pair behind last year’s stylishly Italian “Make Me Afraid,” this is a 180-degree turn into sunny (hence the name) vibes.

Other Americans’ album release party for OA2 is Saturday, October 19, at miniBar, with Emmaline Twist. Details on that show here.

Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear, “Crackle Lyn Wood” 

It’s been four years since Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear’s debut album, Skeleton Crew, took the duo to huge heights, but last month, we finally got a proper follow-up in Started With a Family. The video for “Crackle Lyn Wood” features young actress Gab Fanning wandering the city and countryside, looking like one hell of an old soul in a kid’s body. When Fanning lip-syncs Madisen Ward’s line, Think of all the things you ain’t done yet, it gives the phrase a youthful spin that hits your gut. It’s a gorgeous video, though pretty much the emotional opposite of Terry Crews in Brittany Howard’s “Stay High.”

You can buy Started With a Family on iTunes.

Tione Jackson, “Nocturnal” 

The first video off Tione Jackson’s Fame is woozy as hell, and the empty bottles in the bathtub only serve to emphasize the fact. Tione Jackson is a member of the Lawrence-based collective Vivid Zebra, and Fame is his latest album, a follow-up to June’s Tionezilla. I love what he’s doing, mixing vocodered R&B vocals over indie rock guitars, and though his lyrics run pretty grim (Don’t need anybody help/ I’ll hurt myself/ Don’t worry bout my health) I hope he sticks around.

Umberto, “Exit” 

It was just three months ago that former Kansas Citian Matt Hill, aka Umberto, released Helpless Spectator, his debut LP for Thrill Jockey. But already there’s a new Umberto EP to digest. Outskirts of Reno is now out on Giallo Disco Records, and what better way to mark the occasion than a video featuring a mysterious, masked, and black-gloved figure? “Directed by Jan Schulze Beckendorf, the video can be described as a raver girl in a Brothers Grimm world.” No kidding. The music in the video for “Exit” definitely bangs and is only heightened by the Antoni Maiovvi remix on the EP itself, which you can order from the Giallo Disco Bandcamp.

Kye Colors, “Sweet Thang” 

A Kye Colors track with Kendu the Stampede visuals is a powerful pairing. “Sweet Thang” is all about Kye’s experience being born and raised on the south side of KC and features “BBQ, skate rinks, and a bunch of friends,” he says. The self-produced track is off Kye’s forthcoming mixtape, Juvenile, and shows just how far the 19 year-old musician has come since the already full-formed jams of “House Party” and “Warning” two years ago.

While you’re waiting for Juvenile, you can snag the Childish EP from any number of digital music providers.

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