The Pitch’s Infinite Playlist Round 4: Michael Mackie

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Playlist Guest #4: Michael Mackie

Who are you and what do you do?
Michael Mackie, entertainment writer, Emmy award-winning celeb interviewer, blog poster extraordinaire, and other sundry items.

Where can we follow/support you and your work?
You’ll find my celeb-centric musings at, but I’m also a stalwart travel writer at If I just need an outlet for having clever conniption fits, you’ll find those blog posts on my colorful website, (You can also find me on Twitter at @M2Esq.)

Fun fact: I’ve been teaching fitness classes here in the metro for the last twenty years. Currently, you’ll find me at Lifetime Fitness in Overland Park where I’m known for my eclectic mix of workout songs. These are my signature tunes—and a few vicious remixes—that’ll keep you pumped up and completely oblivious to the fact you put way, way too much weight on your barbell and may currently be bleeding out of your eyeballs. Bless.

“Mesmerized” (Freemasons Radio Edit) by Faith Evans

If my class is feigning a mood or not giving me their all, I’ll put on this lil’ ditty and it instantly gets everyone going. I can’t be sure, but I think the thumping beat gives my class superpowers as they can suddenly crank out another hundred bicep curls or squats without complaining. (It helps that Faith exclaims, “Come on now!” multiple times in the song. She’s, like, my co-cheerleader.) Also, if I ever decide to do drag, this song will be my jam. Full stop.

“Evacuate the Dancefloor” (PH Electro Mix) by Cascada

This song builds for a solid sixty seconds and then pulses unrelentingly for the next four minutes. There’s chanting, rapping, callbacks, and one helluva hook. I’ve heard 18 billion different versions of this song and I always come back to this one. Also, if I ever decide to do drag, this song will snatch me the crown. Full stop.

“Cry For You” (Spencer & Hill Remix) by September

True story, there’s a 60-something gal in the gym who is an unstoppable force of nature. She’s so strong and determined when she works out, I’m not even sure she’s human. I always assumed she was a fembot. One day I asked what she was listening to and she swapped out her earbuds. It was this particular song. I’ve now infused it into my playlist. It’s moody, brooding, ominous, and builds to a berserk, frenzied peak just when you least expect it. Also, if I ever do drag—oh, you get the drill.

“Heart Attack (Manhattan Clique Extended Remix)” by Asteroids Galaxy Tour

I’m not sure how I stumbled across this tune, but it works on a fundamental number of levels. And try as I might, I cannot understand 90 percent of the lyrics. It’s either nonsensical babbling or some sort of trashy Euro-brogue accent. The one part I can appreciate? It’s where the singer belts out, “Geez, Louise!” In other news, I just got recertified to perform CPR in an emergency situation last week. Thus, the title of the song is not lost on me.

“Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh Remix)” by Foster the People

This toe-tapper—which is allegedly about children battling drug dealing bad guys—is an odd crowd favorite. I don’t make the rules. I just find out what songs elicit the best workout from my students and go from there. This song rules the roost and can be my first song out of the gate or used as the cool down. It’s versatile.

“I Know There’s Something Going On (Doc Terry vs. Matt Mix)” by Frida

Hard to believe, but this one-hit wonder from Frida (of ABBA fame) is nearly 40 years old. However, it brings much joy upon the land when I play it. Mainly because everyone in class sings along with gusto. The doubled-down drumming and background vocals from Phil Collins certainly do not hurt.

“Dancing On My Own (Radio Edit)” by Robyn

In 2010, I suffered a stroke and nearly keeled over dead. It was also the same year this dance tune was released. It became my official, unofficial comeback song. Funny how it took a near-death experience for me to start living my best life. This song was a big part of me getting out of my funk and back to teaching class.

“Fascinated (Tre’s 707 Extended Remix)” by Company B

This epic song clocks in at nearly 9:00 minutes. If I want to bury my class and wipe the floor with them, I play this 80s freestyle classic. Plus, the lyrics speak volumes to me: “I’m fascinated by your love, boy. I’m fascinated by your love toy. I’m fascinated by the way you make me feel.” Did Elton John ever come up with something that profound? No—no, he did not.

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