The Pitch’s Infinite Playlist Round 34: Joe Ellett

The Infinite Playlist Final

Illustration by Enrique

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Playlist guest #34: Joe Ellett

Who are you and what do you do?

Hi! My name is Joe Ellett and I was born and raised in south KC. I am an avid music lover, amateur drummer with an extensive devotion to storytelling. I recently graduated from The University of Missouri School of Journalism before joining The Pitch.

I formerly worked as a reporter and writer, both for The Columbia Missourian and The Emerald Magazine.

Where can we support/follow your work?

I try to share most of my work on Twitter @JoeEllett16. My work can always be found on The Pitch’s website as well.

“Jessica” by The Allman Brothers Band

I had to open up my list with this incredible song by my all-time favorite band, The Allman Brothers. In this seven and a half minute journey, the jam band builds you up from a soft guitar, piano riff before diving into captivating guitar and drum solos. Without any lyrics, they allow their instruments to speak for them. This is a perfect song to listen to on a long, sunny drive.

“One Day” by Final Solution

I came across this song after listening to Seth Rogan’s custom vinyl box set from his company, Houseplant. This groovy tune is great for a chill vibe with a couple of friends. Final Solution is an unfamiliar 2000’s band to many, so if you have not already heard of them, they are absolutely worth checking out.

“Vertigo/Relight My Fire” by Dan Hartman

Shifting to a more disco aesthetic, Dan Hartman is the perfect segway. This 11 minute tune makes anyone in their right mind want to get on their feet and dance. The grooviness of the instrumental for the first four minutes allows listeners to let loose before the vocals finally come in. It’s even more of a joyride from there. This is the type of song that makes me wish I was in a 1990’s club when this track was released.

“Grace” by Jeff Buckley

I first became familiar with Jeff Buckley a couple of years ago when a friend introduced me to his music. It is safe to say that I am extremely grateful. Only able to release one album before tragically drowning in 1997, Jeff Buckley portrays his tremendous levels of range throughout this entire album. I truly believe that he would have went down as one of the greatest rock and roll artists ever if he only had more time. This song is a testament to how great Jeff Buckley was, as well as a reminder to never take your favorite artists for granted.

“Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)” by Bruce Springsteen

Wrapping up with another classic rock hall of famer, this track by Bruce Springsteen is a fever dream of trying to win your crush over, while her parents despise you. Diving into the lyrics of this seven minute song, Springsteen’s storytelling is magnificent. He takes the listener through the ups and downs of this love story, a skill which is safe to say he has mastered throughout his career.

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