The Pitch’s Infinite Playlist Round 25: Ivy Anderegg

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Playlist guest #25: Ivy Anderegg

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Ivy, and I am currently a senior studying English at UMKC. Academic identity aside, I am also the eldest daughter, a Pisces, and an editorial intern at The Pitch.

I enjoy sitting under trees and going for walks in my free time. My coffee order is a scalding hot oat milk latte with cinnamon powder. I carry my journal and Kindle Paperwhite loaded with 20 e-books downloaded from the library at all times. I will often treat myself to peanut butter toast after a long day. As you can probably tell, I like to have fun.

Where can we support/follow your work?

I have disconnected from my Gen Z roots a bit to take a “social media sabbatical,” but you can currently find me on LinkedIn, Goodreads, and HerCampus.

“Night Shift” by Lucy Dacus

I will never forget the shock I felt when “Night Shift” popped up as my top song on Spotify Wrapped 2021. Not only was it my top song, but I listened to it 87 times. Okay… except this song is six-and-a-half minutes long. I spent nine-and-a-half hours listening to Dacus’ pining after unrequited love. It’s been almost a year, and I still can’t decide if I should be concerned or impressed.

“Shoot The Moon” by Norah Jones

I think the first time I felt real, unwarranted sadness was when my mom would play Jones’ Come Away With Me album on repeat. If melancholy were a person, it would be Norah Jones.

“Shoot the Moon” perfectly captures the fleeting seasons in life, a phenomenon that feels relevant to the rapidly changing life of any 20-something (or beyond).

This is my nostalgia album; listening to it transports me to the backseat of my mom’s car on a rainy day in 2005, and that association alone is enough to make it a comfort album as well.

“Take Care” by Beach House

I saw Beach House alone this year, and it was easily one of the best concert experiences of my life so far. Beach House creates the lushest, most celestial-sounding music I have ever heard, and The Midland provided the perfect dreamy backdrop to accompany their set. I felt like I was in another world and left the show feeling like I shared a small glimpse of what makes our collective existence in space and time so beautiful.

“The Fear of Losing This” by Florist

This was the breakup song for me as I went through my first heartbreak. The kicker is that shortly after, he died (asshole).  As if the mourning period for first love isn’t difficult enough. I’ll carry this song with me forever, though it is much less upsetting than it used to be. Instead, I now listen and try to appreciate life for the here and now.

My personal anecdote for this song aside, Florist is a fantastic indie-folk band that I definitely recommend checking out if you want to stare at a wall for a while.

“Appalachian Spring” by Aaron Copland

KC has a wonderful classical music scene, and as a former classic voice student, I feel like I have to include a little taste of it in our music collection.

Copland’s music, in particular, has a way of transporting me to another reality. It fuels my escapist-cottagecore fantasy without fail. “Appalachian Spring” feels like fresh air from a gentle breeze among a field of wildflowers as the sun appears over the horizon. Maladaptive daydreaming won’t get me anywhere, but Copland can be my temporary fix.

“Japanese Denim” by Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar’s songs are like the elevator music of life, and I mean that in the best way possible. The music fits so seamlessly into the background of any activity. Now that I’m really thinking about it, most of my time spent listening to Caesar is passive. Oh well.

I have made it a lonely Valentine’s Day tradition to open a bottle of wine and dark chocolate while playing NPR Tiny Desk concerts on Youtube. Caesar’s performance is the perfect addition to my annual cry-sesh (honorable mentions: Big Thief, Alicia Keys, and Angel Olsen).

“Give Yourself a Try” by The 1975

The 1975 has been one of my most listened-to artists since I first found them through Tumblr in 2014. Though the age of grainy-lyric edits and aestheticized sadness is (mostly) behind me, I have clung to my comfort artists from this time with an impressive amount of strength.

Their show at Azura Amphitheatre in 2019 was my first concert. There was a multi-hour rain delay that evacuated the venue and made the audience wait in their cars for a show that might not happen. Sure, the experience was less than ideal but 18-year-old me had the time of her life dancing in the rain and celebrating her recent high school graduation. I think this time of my life has left a permanent imprint on my brain, and I’m happy to have an artist associated with that.

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