The Pitch’s Infinite Playlist Round 16: Hannah Scott

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The Pitch’s Infinite Playlist. // Illustration by Enrique Zabala

Welcome to The Pitch’s Infinite Playlist, a forever-growing playlist of songs picked by people in KC. View/follow the full playlist on Spotify and you can always go back and check out the full run of articles. Throw the playlist on shuffle and enjoy away!

Playlist Guest #16: Hannah Scott

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Hannah Scott and I’m an intern at The Pitch. I recently graduated college and am now trying to figure out what to do with my life. My biggest passions are reading, fashion, and looking way too hard into any piece of media to tell you exactly why it is actually about feminism or class issues.

I am an unashamed Disney adult and will soon be moving to Orlando to work in the parks, but I also hate large corporations and think billionaires are evil… so just like every other human, I am a mass of contradictions.

Where can we follow/support your work?

If you so wish, you can find me on all social media outlets with the same handle (@hannahjeanice). Thanks mom and dad for giving me a unique middle name so making accounts is the easiest. I post on Instagram every few months and make sub-par TikToks. You can find my articles here!

“What Once Was” by Her’s

I just graduated from college in May, and although I would like to say I’m not sentimental, I am just like every other human on this earth who romanticizes their past lives, even when those past lives sucked in their own way.

I found Her’s at the beginning of my senior year and it has become the anthem for movie nights, midnight Taco Bell runs, and disgusting college bars that we love because the drinks are dirt cheap.

The vocals in the song are unique in their own right, being consistently low and having a spoken quality, but the instrumentals pull everything together. The instrumental section in between the verses and the bridge feels like all of the dopamine from all of the best dumb moments you’ve ever had combined into a melody.

“Serotonin” by girl in red

Since I was born, my brain has had issues regarding anxiety and depression. When I first started feeling these things it freaked me out, because I thought my head was broken. I would have thoughts that scared me, but I didn’t want to tell anybody because I figured people would worry or that I was just strange. 

Now being 22, I still don’t understand my mind in full, but I now know that having intrusive thoughts or experiencing dissociation isn’t something to be afraid of.

I have never heard a song that more accurately depicts what it is like to live with thoughts like, “What if I veered off into the road,” and how frustrating it can be to feel like you constantly have to fight to keep yourself in control.

Girl in red really found a way to say, “We understand you,” and I appreciate that.

“Morning Elvis” by Florence + The Machine

My dad introduced me to Florence + The Machine when I was a child, and I have to say that though I am appreciative of the great music taste I acquired because of my parents, this band holds a special place in my heart.

I was always drawn to their music, but I never fully understood why until this past year when I dove headfirst into bettering my writing and realized that Florence Welch’s lyrics are something of poetry.

I’ve had plenty of mornings where I woke up and wished I didn’t exist because of the night before, only to have it happen again the next night and wonder why we are the way we are. Welch tells our stories in a way that can make us feel OK about even our worst moments, and I think we all need that.

“Puff, the Magic Dragon” by Peter, Paul and Mary


My grandmother sang this song to me all the time when I was young. I didn’t get to see her a lot, and she and my father had an… interesting relationship. But I always loved the time we had.

Now, as an adult, I find it calming. Their soft voices and light instrumentals give my drives a peaceful feeling, and sometimes I just want to not be an adult for a few minutes. When I was younger, all I wanted to do was grow up, and now I’m sad I ever felt that way. But at least I have this song.

“O-o-h Child” by The Five Stairsteps

I am a pessimist at heart. I am known for overthinking. I tend to be a downer when it comes to thinking about the future, specifically. I’m still working on fully believing the message of this song, but it’s always good to have something that stops the thought spirals every once in a while.

“Love Love Love” by The Mountain Goats

I also tend to ruminate on ideas like love, and if it is real, will I ever find anybody? The Mountain Goats are always great for when I am feeling existential, but they also remind me that life is complex. I used to like angsty love songs (and I totally still do), but I’ve learned to appreciate the nuance.

“Brazil” by Declan McKenna

This song just vibes. Declan McKenna’s writing chops are off the charts, and I’m a sucker for anyone who writes lyrics like they are writing a novel. Tell me a story with your songs. That’s all I want. Declan does not disappoint.

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