The Pitch’s Infinite Playlist Round 21: Hannah Strader

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Playlist Guest #21: Hannah Strader

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a freelance journalist and copywriter who covers music and cannabis. I also count being obsessed with Harry Styles as a full-time job, but I’ll spare you in this playlist because I could truly never choose one song over any of the others. 

I’ve been a big fan of The Pitch since high school and have always envisioned myself writing about pop culture. I’m also into curating perfect playlists. I would be lying if I said this list was hard to make. It wasn’t. I have the playlist for this, and almost every other situation that may arise. 

Where can we follow/support you and your work?

Here at The Pitch, on Twitter at @sincerelyhannah and Instagram @sincerelyyhannah (catch that extra “y,” the original username was taken).

“Perfume” by Del Water Gap

I cannot stop listening to Del Water Gap right now. Seriously, this is my album of the year. I delved into their music in June and missed their show in April at recordBar, which was a huge bummer. Every song on this album is cohesive and a certified bop, if I may say so myself.

You might recognize their more popular hit “Ode to a Conversation Stuck in Your Throat,” but some personal favorites are “Better Than I Know Myself,” “Sorry I Am,” and “Alone Together.”

Fun fact: Maggie Rogers was actually in this band for a few months before she embarked on her solo journey!

“Huggin and Kissin” by Big Black Delta

Some of these are older, but I am a true believer in discovering new favorites long after they’ve been released and sprinkling them in with new releases. I’m also exactly the type of person who uses Shazam for songs I hear in public or on TV.

Have you watched the first season of The Sinner? This song is extremely triggering for the main character in that show, but it’s a real dance hit for me. You know, like “Goodbye Horses?” Silence of the Lambs? Anyone?

“Fifty on our Foreheads” by White Lies

Okay. Fine. This song is fifteen years old, but again, who cares? I won’t feel embarrassed about it, the way I never felt embarrassed when I made “Paper Planes” by M.I.A. my song of the summer… in 2013. I simply do not believe in missing the boat on music. There is no such thing. This song makes me vibe, and I will continue to vibe. Huzzah. 

“Tremble” by LPX

I think I found this song because Spotify put it on my Discover Weekly playlist in college. Actually, I lied. I have a perfect recall of when and where I hear a song I instantly love, and that’s exactly how I found this song.

Most of these tunes run in a similar vein being great to cruise to or yell really loud when you’re alone. I tend to call these “tunnel songs,” which is slightly embarrassing and definitely taken directly from The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

“Take Me Where Your Heart Is” by Q

This is the song you’re most likely to already know, and it’s really clear as to why that is. It’s smooth, it’s groovy, and it dares you to dance to its mellow beat. The vocals are top notch, the video is so feel-good and sweet to watch. And if you don’t already know these things, you do now.

“MJ” by Now, Now

I’ve always loved Now, Now. A friend introduced me to their music in high school and it was a very long wait for their second album. In the six years since they released Threads, their sound definitely matured. This is another band whose discography I can listen to and not find a song to skip. It’s rare, but it’s beautiful.

“The Key to Life on Earth” by Declan McKenna

Declan McKenna is my favorite underrated artist. A few years ago, I went to see him at The Bottleneck in Lawrence completely alone on my birthday because no one knew his music, but I refused to miss that show.

As his fellow Englishmen would say, he absolutely smashed it. It’s a shame that he’s not more popular in the States, but his latest album Zeros and its predecessor What Do You Think About The Car? (featuring “Brazil,” which saturated The Buzz airwaves in 2016) both earned five stars from me.

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