Schitt Happens

His brother’s keeper: In response to Barry Lee’s May 15 letter about KKFI 90.1, I would like to know when Mr. Lee is going to move on and get a life.

He resigned as a DJ from his show thinking that there would be this multitude of protests. Well there wasn’t any. There was no wailing, no gnashing of teeth. Instead a much better show, The Real Deal, when Gary Deal took that time slot. As an avid listener and financial supporter, I am extremely tired of Mr. Lee’s constant public whining about KKFI’s management, along with his like-minded ilk.

In reference to his organization being referred to as “terrorists,” look up the word in the dictionary. Don’t fall into the trap of a bigot’s view of what a terrorist is. I have been home when my gay brother, who happens to be KKFI’s board president, has received telephone calls day and night. He has been called racial names and has been called a faggot. He has been threatened with bodily harm if he didn’t resign as KKFI’s president. These actions/threats were meant to strike fear, terror and intimidation in my brother.

Instead of fake outrage about the actions of Brit Schitt, Mr. Lee needs to be concerned with the fanatics his organization is attracting.

John Tacket

Kansas City, Kansas

Deputy Do Right

Got it covered: Regarding Kendrick Blackwood’s story about Kansas Deputy Attorney General Bryan Brown (“Born Again,” May 15): Another in-depth, accurate account of Kansas politics. Loved the article and the cover! Thank God Kansas has you to cover these fanatics. It’s so much better than having to read the watered-down versions in the daily papers.

My hat’s off to Kendrick Blackwood again.

Kathy Cook

Shawnee, Kansas

Nesting instincts: The caricature on the cover of the May 15 issue would be more accurate if the mother bird was depicted on the same side of the scale as the unborn birds. The following is a small sample of recent research that shows the harm done to women who undergo induced abortion:

1. “Psychiatric admissions of low-income women following abortions and childbirth,” Canadian Medical Association Journal, 2003, 168


2. “Depression association with abortion and childbirth: a long term analysis of the NLSY cohort,” Medical Science Monitor, 2003, 9(4):CR105-112.

3. “History of induced abortion in relation to substance use during pregnancies carried to term,” American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2002, 187(5).

4. “Deaths associated with pregnancy outcome,” Southern Medical Journal, 2002, 95(8):834-41.

5. “Depression and unintended pregnancy in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth: a cohort study,” British Medical Journal, 2002, 324:151-2.

Denial of the link to lung cancer preserved cigarette industry profits for decades. Likewise, abortion industry profits are preserved if we deny the psychological and physical harm done to millions of American women over the last thirty years. Choosing abortion never was safe for women, nor will it ever be safe, regardless of its legality.

Thaddeus Whiting

Kansas City

Voter’s remorse: Thank you for the insightful article on Bryan Brown. It is scary to think that he is in such a government position. From now on, I will do my homework on learning about candidates before I go out to vote. Thank you, too, for not asking him how he felt about immigrants. That would have just turned the butter knife even deeper.

Dolores Arce-Kaptain

Kansas City

Noize Makers

In with the new: Thank you for Andrew Miller’s recent story on Don Jantzen’s New Noize show on KQRC 98.9 (Around Hear, May 15). One quote in particular — “Out of all the discs I receive, about 25 to 30 have good-enough production quality that I can put them on the air” — though not aimed directly at me, I took great pride in. I mastered the Boomstick album Don’s been spinning. By Don promoting local artists, he is also helping local mastering engineers like myself, local duplicators, local graphic artists, local Web designers, etc., and showing that we can turn out product that is just as high-quality as the big boys’.

Dana Detrick-Clark

Kansas City, Kansas

Credits: In the May 22 issue, a picture accompanying a See/Be Seen item on the Cup and Saucer’s fashion auction was taken by photographer Chuong Doan. Also, that week’s Summer Guide illustrations were by Jim Campbell.

Correction: In the May 22 cover story, “Home Wrecker,” Allie Johnson reported on the thirty lawsuits filed against real estate “investment” dealer Brent Barber. The story included a brief passage, based on statements from a Housing Authority of Kansas City spokesman, reporting that Brent Barber and his wife, Lisa, are listed with the Housing Authority as Section 8 landlords under the company name Barber Construction & Renovation Group. This is incorrect. Barber Construction & Renovation Group is owned by Brett and Julie Barber and is not affiliated with Brent Barber or his wife, Lisa. The Pitch regrets the error.