Letters from the week of January 28

Studies in Crap: January 1, April 9, October 22 and December 31, 2009

A Happy Ending

I so enjoyed Alan Scherstuhl’s series of “Studies in Crap” articles on Ms. Rockwell. I’m glad that he met her and she got her diary back.

Sue Sweeney
Prairie Village

Feature: “Out in the Cold,” January 7

Good Deeds

Carolyn Szczepanski’s story on the refugee resettlement program at Jewish Vocational Service was moving. It sounds like the agency is trying to do good to help many in these hard times. It also sounds like there may be two disgruntled former employees who are trying to go against JVS and foil their efforts.

Carla Parry
Kansas City, Missouri

Music: “Thievery Corporation,” January 7

Ripped Off

We picked up a Pitch out of curiosity when the cover promised an article on the Thieves. We are always interested in the happenings of our local scene, and being fans of our local musicians, we thought it noteworthy that a band was gracing your cover.

We were dismayed to find little or no actual content about the Thieves’ music. Rather, three out of 17 paragraphs were about the band’s musical talent, and 14 out of 17 paragraphs were about, well, bullshit. To add to this, you didn’t even give a Web site where I could actually listen to the music.

It may surprise you that those who listen to music in the KC area, who are into new music, don’t give a shit about what the band wears or their petty little hang-ups. Maybe a blog off in nowhere land would be best for this kind of journalism. Honestly, we want an article about the music, and if you can’t provide it, who’s going to? We would prefer an article with insight into the music, not about how cool a band’s image is.

Mike Tipton
Kansas City, Missouri

Savage Love

Speech Impediment

I deplore Dan Savage casually throwing the word “fag” into his advice column. I’ve heard him use “fag” and “faggot” in his TV appearances, too. No doubt, Pitch editors have no problem with it, but I’d be willing to bet that the casual use of the n-word for black people or the c-word for women would give them pause. This is another example of how the media doesn’t care how LGBT folk are characterized; and it doesn’t make any difference that the source of the slur is a snarky, publicity-hungry gay columnist. Flippant use of cruel heterosexist epithets by the likes of Savage creates a social environment where the lives and livelihoods of gay men, lesbians and transsexual citizens are threatened. I recently lost a job partially because of my supervisors’ homophobic attitudes, so I know from experience. Please be more sensitive. Hate speech hurts.

Don Charles
Kansas City, Missouri

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Correction: The January 14 Critics’ Choices entry about Lawrence band the Kinetiks misspelled singer Spencer Goertz-Giffen’s name and pictured the Dublin band of the same name. In the January 21 issue, a review of a CD by the Kansas City Bear Fighters misspelled singer Quinn McCue’s name. We apologize for the errors.