Letters for the week of June 26

Friend or Foe?

It is, unfortunately, great disappointment and sadness that now compel me to write. You used to have heart, brains, balls; where did your moxie go? When were your talented, critically minded, funny writers replaced with vapid, overly white fashionistas? It’s like I went over to Damien Hirst’s house and found him watching E! or reading The Bridges of Madison County with ‘N Sync playing softly in the background. You suck, you …

Wait a minute, I was looking at Ink. Sorry.

Yours still, now more than ever,

Mark Hennessy, Lawrence

News: “Christian Army,” May 22

Freedom From Religion

I just finished reading Peter Rugg’s “Christian Army” for the third time. I don’t read too many news articles, and I don’t watch much TV news. This was a great article, and it made me very angry. I don’t understand how men and women in the U.S. armed forces can be persecuting one another for differences in, or lack of, religious beliefs. The fact that there is even a need for a Military Religious Freedom Foundation is deeply saddening and a perfect example of hypocrisy.

I am Christian, and I am not saying I agree with and want to embrace all other religious beliefs, but we do need to respect that people are different. Every man or woman in the armed forces deserves respect from Americans and from one another. It’s because of them that we even have the freedom to choose our religious beliefs and speak freely of them.

I hope Jeremy Hall wins his lawsuit, though I don’t understand what we are doing in Iraq or anywhere else if we have fighting and lawsuits within our own Army. I have not read all of the Bible, but I know God does not want us to treat one another that way.

Jessica Saxon, Independence

Feature, “You’re Fired! Love, Hallmark,” May 15

The Hallmark Pain Continues

My heart goes out to those who lost their jobs at Hallmark. You are not alone. We had a store for 20 years. Before that, my husband was a salesman for Hallmark for 20 years. Now we are in the process of closing the store. This is for a combination of many reasons, but most of all just plain miscommunication. We ended up with much more Christmas merchandise than we had ordered — and just try to return it! I guess the bottom line is that Hallmark has abandoned those who care about them the most and has gone with Wal-Mart (on a slow boat to China). By the way, no one from Hallmark — not my salesman or district manager — has contacted us, other than to demand money. Too bad we cannot return fixtures and product never ordered.

My heart goes out to all who have lost their jobs to China and Wal-Mart. What a shame that Hallmark took the low road. I can remember when Hallmark was such a respected name. I am sure the original Mr. Hall did not have this in his vision.

By the way, at least nine Gold Crown stores have closed in New Hampshire. All of these stores were mom-and-pops, and all were within a 90-mile radius.

Best of luck to all.

Melanie Comi, Concord, New Hampshire

Music: CD Reviews, June 5

The Kids Aren’t Alright

I would never, ever go see a band with a name like Fag Cop. Can you imagine what would be said if a band called itself “Nigger Cop” or “Kike Cop”? The difference here is that African-Americans and Jews have a modicum of pride about themselves. Gay Americans only claim to have pride. Their dumb-ass philosophy about “reclaiming” sexual slurs encourages everybody to use them freely. However, you don’t have to do or say something ignorant just because misguided people tell you it’s OK. It’s time for us to grow the fuck up and stop playing with offensive words. Needless to say, a name change is in order here.

Don Charles, Kansas City, Missouri